The history of BC Rich guitars

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B.C rich is an American brand of acoustic and electric guitars founded by Bernard Chavez Rico. This company was first started to make electric guitars in the 1970s that are notable for their atypical body shapes. In the following decade BC Rich gained a boarder exposure with the popularity of heavy metal and it is often linked to the music scene. There are many designs of guitars found in market and some of this is odd designs. It was a stage favorite of guitarist, who plays the lead guitar work. Initially the pickups were Gibson’s, rewired as 4 conductors and potted, later Guild pickups were treated the same way. The seagull shape was uncomfortable for some to play due to the sharp upper and lower point that drug into the leg sitting down. It was redesigned several times including a smoother lower point and also with a junior version with simpler electronics and a pointless version which is quite rare. The BC Rich Mockingbird was designed by Johnny and it was made popular by Joe Perry of Aerosmith. The mockingbird model experiences a resurgence in the early 90’s through Gun N Roses lead guitarist slash after the played one on the Use Your Illusion world tour. The most popular of the BC Rich line is the BC Rich 10 string model.

B.C. Rich

The acrylic series guitars are made completely of acrylic and their bodies are transparent which makes the electronics inside viewable and the original run of this acrylic models featured a standard bolt-on maple neck with wood headstock but the later models are featured with an acrylic headstock, matching the same color as the body and it makes the guitar more attractive. In this series the neck is bolted inside the body to look like a neck-through but neck joint in this is still visible. This combines the elements of both bolts-on and neck-through design. Like Rickenbacker and Jackson, BC Rich used a neck-through body design in many of their instruments and it is also pioneered to the heel-less joint. In addition to that they use custom battery-powered active electronics- pickups and also tone controls inside the guitar. These were designed by Neal Moser and it helped with the bone crafted parts and many set ups in the custom shop and it also added feet on winged guitars which was one of Rich Bich designs. Their guitars come in a variety of shapes which are similar to electric guitars such as the fat bob, which has a body in the shape of Harley-Davidson gas tank. B.C. Rich have eventually settled up to create guitars for metal guitar players. New heavy metal guitars could be pointer death ax, or BC Rich could go conveniently-style guitars, which haven’t really corked out that well for B.C. Rich guitars. The BC Rich Warlock is both an electric guitar and also a bass guitar made by B.C. Rich. It features a distinct jagged shape and two hum bucker pickups.

Choose a perfect fashionable outfit for special occasions

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In the era of trend and fashion, everyone likes to look attractive and smart. The demand for fashionable clothes everlastingly increased due to high range of fashion realization among the people. Fashionable clothes are presently taking the world into a different pace. Adults and teenagers give more importance on dressing well and clothing to astonish. The fashion world is a great industry that has fascinated the eyes of many people. Plenty of fashion distributors are prevalent in the online sites. You want to make sure that the supplies are up to date, diversity and class. Several kinds of fashion outfits are obtainable in the market in the recent times. It will suit different age groups such as teenagers, adults and children. Maxi dresses are fore-runners in the fashion world. Most of the popular celebrities are wearing maxi dress during award ceremonies and public appearances. You can also unite with these celebrities by buying maxi dress online.

Tips to buy maxi dresses

Maxis are considered to be comfortable in the summer months. You can wear this dress at beach, a social get-together or as an evening dress. You want to choose the maxi dress as per the structure of your body. If you want to emphasize your slim waist, you can prefer to buy empire waist line maxis. Women who are slander and tall can prefer big floral designs. All different colors and designs are available at online for your selections. Wrap front maxis will fit perfectly to everyone. First, you want to fix your budget and needs and then go for the shopping in online.

You can also find different varieties of fashionable clothes other than maxi dress. Women can discover pants, skirts, club wear and even more in the online sites. At present, club wear occupies immense space among the people as because of its unique designs and cuts. Many young adults and teenagers have integrated into night life as daily or weekly routine. Individuals who keep an eye at the latest fashion can take a look internet sites to know all about fashion. Night life will be one of the greatest times to dress up with newest fashionable clothes.

New range of fashion

Men did not more interest on fashion in the past times. But, they also interested in latest fashions to go well with their daily lifestyle. Most of the men have taken fashion to a complete new range and it creates a huge demand in the marketplace. Men are fascinated to create them extra charming to the women and also smart. Using the newest fashionable clothes, you can change the work culture to a new level. Classy accessories and leather apparel have been distributed by fashion designers for your delights. You should always get the best from online retailers so that you can enhance your appearance to a great extent. Find lots of gorgeous and stunning outfits in online sites and pay for the desired ones. Stay update with latest trend and improve your style with an astounding fashionable outfit.


Manaira shopping mall for embellishing your day


The modernized world and development in technology is giving lot of chances to people enhancing their self in so many different ways. Everyone is running behind the carrier and to make over their professional work stronger than anything else. Since we are all living in the best lives we need the break definitely in between our works. Actually all the day in a year we cannot work for the carrier development we need to love, relax, embellish the beauty of our life. Entertainment with our friends and family is the best thing that we need to carry over the entire place where ever we are going in the world. People are making so many things in their lifetime. And much big company is doing the best innovative for entertaining people’s life more interesting.

People go amusement park, children park, zoo, theatre, or any beauty scenery places and beaches in order to make up their holiday and to get fun with their friends and relatives. Beyond all these thing in today situation people have find another beautiful place for making their day more fantastic. they can relax, make fun, eat whatever they want drink many classes, entrainment with their partner or friends, and also buy things and do so many shopping over there. The place is becomes the number one entertainment and relaxation area to all class of people. That is the shopping mall where we can do all kind of things. In many big class malls, they are having 3D rooms, play stations, and more items like small stalls to eat and drink. Now people are thinking that there would be no such replacement for the place of shopping mall.

If you are wanted to spend all your leisure timing ten you need to have the best kind of place with your beasties. Actually if people are living with the same place they are wanted to move on to some of their areas since they are making their best places where they are wanted to create the common public places like entrainment and many things. In shopping malls only you are able purchase many branded items. Actually some of the items are will not be available in any other retail or in the shops. The some branded items are available in the show rooms of the branded shopping malls only. Therefore you are able to get all those kind and at least see those kind of branded thing only on there. That would be really embellishing thing for you.

Have you ever gone to the best kind of mall at Brazil or on any other western countries? Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is the place where all the film industry and other high tech industrial people are always used to come. They are having so many entertainments over here. They used to conduct so many parties that are really making your mind just blowing. For every week end you are able to go there and some fun filled things that making you grand and full filled your holiday.


Several discount offers on eBay


EBay is the most efficient online shopping site here you will get the several offers and the deals. There are several active offers which one must not to miss to avail the opportunity on the favourite products there are several products which you cab avail through these online sites. You can see the several options at one place and you can order them in very easy way. It is the most effective way to have the online shopping. You can avail the most efficient method to do the shopping. Through online site you can get the amazing offers. These will remain for the limited period of the time. Thus ne should be the continue visitor of the site so that you will not miss any chance to avail the offers. In order to see the several offers you must visit to the offers-discount-code-eBay.html here you can view the numerous offers as well as their time period.

In online shopping site you will get the several discount offers in so many products you will be amazed how these codes and the coupons will rebate the magic to help you to save your huge amount of money. There are so many active offers running here and you will be really wondered about the several deals as well as the discount offers thrown by the amazing online sites like the eBay. It will make the shopping experience awesome and more wonderful. Here in the online stores you can avail every kind of the products and you will have the awesome deal over here regarding the products sale as well as purchase. Women can get awesome accessories, clothing and wonderful foot wears from online stores more over it is the best way to get the lots of options which is not available in the traditional way of hopping. You can also get the several home appliances and electronic articles here on the eBay with awesome discount offers.

You can get the better results through these sites in gaining the benefits. You can get the awesome deals on the clothes and on the home appliances also. Here you will get the branded products with quality associated with them. These products are really very good in there durability and appearance. There are awesome products bags, shoes, clothes and many more products where you ca n get several offers. There are codes and the promos which contain a number in digits and through it you can get the several offers while using this number. More very you will get the several variety on the products ad you will have the several deals here on these objects. Through the discount codes eBay you can get the amazing discount offers and you will have the chance to avail the products for the desired taste and value these codes will save your huge amount of the money and you will, have the great deal over here on these products. One must avail the offers in time in order to get the amazing deals.

How to choose a vape mod?

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Vape mods are also supposed to have a great demand among the vaping community. There are different types of vape mods with different features. People who are in need of mods must choose the one according to their needs. The vape mods are the best option for the people who are using rebuildable atomizers. People who are shopping the vape mods for the first time may feel it more difficult to understand them. Here are some tips for the newbie through which they can analyze the different types of vape mods to choose the best among them.

Know about the needs

As mentioned above, there are different types of vape mods in the market. Hence before moving for shopping one must have a clear idea about the type of vape mod needed for their usage. For example, they must have a clear idea about the type of battery, pricings and other related aspects. People who need it at cheap price can refer the online websites instead of searching in the local market. This is because in online these accessories are sold at most affordable prices rather than in the local market.


Obviously it is more important to choose the mod with high durability; so that they can be used for a long time. Instead of wasting money in buying many cheap mod, one can show interest in buy one vape mod with good durability. It is to be noted that not all the models available in the market today are highly durable. Hence it is more important to compare the durability rate of various devices to choose the one which can deliver high durability. Especially people who have the habit of vaping more often must show concern in choosing the high durable devices.


The price of one vape mod may get varied from another depending upon the quality of the device. Hence one must consider the quality along with its pricing. To shop the vape mods at best price, the online vape stores can be hired. There are many reputed websites which tend to provide best discount on the leading products like 200w mod. By hiring such online stores one can save money as well as time over their shopping. If needed, the buyers can also compare the price of many products to come to a better conclusion.

It can be said that the online reviews are the best dedication for the people who are new to buy vape mods. As they will not have better exposure about this device and their usage, they can consider reading the reviews available in the online websites. The reviews will be provided for each and every product promoted in online. Thus, reading the reviews will help them to differentiate the best product from the worst. The comments provided by the people who used the product in prior can also be referred to choose the high durable vape mod which can provide an everlasting vaping experience.

What to know about shopping malls?

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Shopping is one of the great thing and just everyone loves it. In this fashionable world, people are nowadays more interested to buy new trendy things. And they keenly searching new collections of things in the internet most of the times. The first thing which comes to your mind when you thing about shopping is biggest shopping malls. Shopping mall is the place where you able to get all kind of trendy stuffs. And there are many small shops in the malls provides various discounts and special offers to the things which you want to actually purchase. It makes you feel pleasant and by purchasing through shopping mall you can get enjoyment and happy as well. There will be many entertainment setups are available in those malls. Going with friends can make you really enjoy and also you can buy your desired trendy thing very easily.

If you are residing or moving to Brazil for some cause, then you can prefer Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping which is the biggest shopping mall in Brazil where you can get all kind of things which you want to buy. With varying list of prices you can buy various necessary and basic things. Usually people loves to go largest shopping mall with good and attractive structure. The building should be an attractive one and it should cover all the basic things as well which makes the people to visit often. As well the parking facility should be good and you should not worry about your vehicle when you are in shopping. Similarly the mall should have very convenient opening hours, since most of the working people are used to visit. Having convenient time makes the shoppers to sell their things as much as possible.

The shopping mall should have good spacious buildings since there expect huge number of people gathering at a particular time because of its size. Also at a certain time more number of shoppers can shop their product if the space is more than enough. Also a shopping mall have variety of shops for all kind of things and there should be different kind of restaurants as well since all kind of veggies and non-veggies are coming to malls.  The food court should be available in both affordable and luxury ranges. And for entertainment there must be a good movie theatres which is releasing latest movies always. People usually love to go movies with loved ones and friends in big shopping malls.  Also nowadays many shopping malls like Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping provide various facilities which is really convenient for the customer.

Over all, shopping mall is not only a place for shopping, it is also a place for refreshment, entertainment, business, great dining experience and you can spend your leisure time over there. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping fulfill all your needs on malls, and it is the mall where you see all the above facilities and more than that. You can enjoy your time over there.

Have cute collections of Buddha bracelets

When it comes to grooming and the style enhancements the choice of people vary with each other.  Only the face grooming is not enough to improvise our look. The proper accessories according to the dressing play an important role. That is why in the market we can see number of different collection of fashion accessories that are available for both men and women. There are some stuff that is commonly used by both men and women to enhance their dressing. One among them is the Buddha bracelets. They are loved by almost both genders.

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Different colors and styles:

The distinct colors and the styles of the bracelet attract the attention of the people widely. They are simple and stylish so that it can also wear as a collection to give a trendy look. Both men and women are increasingly buying these bracelets online. If you are interested in buying them, you can buy buddha bracelets online. And this is because you can get the extensive collections online.

Extensive collection online:

If you go to the shop you can get only the limited number of choices so that you should pick the one among them. But when it comes to online option you can get the wide options so that you cans search and pick the one that attracts you. If you do not like any in the particular website then you can immediately switch over to the next website and search as per your desire.

Moreover you can also get the combo packs that could aid you to have the variety of bracelets in one pack. In addition to these, those kinds of combo packs will save you the considerable amount of money. You can buy the bracelets in offer. Hence you can get the distinct sets of bracelets at cheap prices. If you buy them like that you can able to wear the bracelets according to your dressing daily so that you can show the variety in your appearance and dazzle others.

How to select?

To show a difference in your bracelets, you can concentrate on the material of the bracelets. Plastics, metals, antique finish etc. Also they can be bought with the precious stones. The whole selection choice is up to you. The material can be chosen based on the purpose, dress and the occasion for which you are going to wear. By keeping all these things in your mind, you can pick the right one for you.

Perfect choice to gift:

You can also gift them to your lovable ones. Bracelets and charms are always considered as the cuter ones so everyone will love the gift. Wear them and stand out from the crowd. It will definitely seek the attention with its elegant look.

Make us of the offers well and have a good collection with you. It can be either used by you, or else you can present them to other people so that they will keep it as your memorable gift in their wardrobe.

Get more comfort by using swing chairs

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Generally swing chairs are very common in all houses in their living room. In the starting stage swing chairs are used in all homes for all kids but now all the people are using these chairs. When they are watching television or reading newspaper they like to sit in the swing chair and it gives you some relaxation. The hammock swing chairs are very popular and it is fully handmade. Actually there are many different types of hammocks are available and it is very unique from one another. It is not having machine work or nay other work it is fully crafted by the weaver. Most of the people prefer the hammock swing than all other because it gives you more comfort and is used from thousands of years ago. It is very difficult to make the hammock because it needs more creativity and knowledge. Actually it not only gives you comfort and also it is very good for health.

The material of the chair is very important because if the material is not good then it will not give you more comfort. If you are sleeping in the swing chair you will feel like heaven and even babies also have a sound sleep in this chair. If you are going to purchase the chair which is suitable for all people in your home then you can contact the professional. Actually the hammock swings are not fully covered it is woven like a diamond so it gives you air space. It never makes you sweat and you can get the air freely without any disturbance. Mostly the Caribbean hammock is very good in its quality and it gives you long life time.

The hammock swing chairs are portable you can take to any other place easily. Even if you are going for a vacation or any other place you can carry it with you. There are no restrictions in setup the swing chair because it is flexible you can use at anywhere. People are using this hammock for different purpose such as reading, sleeping, resting and playing. Some people are suffering from the neck pain, back pain and body pain if you are laying in this chair it gives you some relief. When they are coming back from their work they can relax themselves from their stress and pressure. One of eth best benefit in using the hammock chair is that it is suitable for the pregnant women and it makes them feel relax from the restless feel. All the yoga experts are suggest that using this swing chairs while doing yoga reduces the pressure points and it gives the good blood circulation in your body.

If you are planning to purchase the hammock Swing chairs indoor it is better to purchase it in the online. Many different types of hammock chairs are available so you can choose your suitable one. Get the suitable one for your home at the affordable cost.

9 Lesser Known Facts about Hyderabad, the Charminar City

Hyderabad, the current capital city of Telangana state of India was one of the first megacities of India. It has always been a seat of artistic intelligence as well as a sprawling trade center. Initially, it was the capital of Andhra Pradesh and now it is the capital of both Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh. It was also known as city of pearls for its business of pearls. Charminar is one of the major tourist attractions of this place and still remains the heart of the city.The food and culture here is refreshing and imperial attributing its connection to the Nizams and other royal families rooted here. You may send flowers to Hyderabad for the best friend of yours who is settled here.


  1. Hyderabad was an independent state till 1948 but after that Sardarpatel dissolved this state and made it the capital of a newly formed state named Andhra Pradesh. But again in 2014, the formation of Telangana as a state happened dividing Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad became capital of both.
  2. The biggest market here is named Begum Bazaar because it was gifted by Humda Begum, wife of Nizam Ali Khan NizamulMulk, to the traders of Hyderabad. And today it is one of the most profitable business area of the city.
  3. Hyderabad is also known to be “Genome Valley” due to the emergence of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals organizations. If any of your loved one is working here, send flowers to Hyderabad on his/her special day.
  4. Who can forget the mesmerizing taste of Hyderabadi Biriyani and Haleem? Once you have tasted the Biriyani and Haleem here, you would come back here again and again to taste these heavenly food.
  5. The recent survey shows that ten population here crossed 12 million, making it India’s sixth most populated city.
  6. Do you know that the President of India has his winter office set in Hyderabad? Winters in New Delhi is really spine chilling and therefore, a RashtrapatiNilayam or office of President was set up here.
  7. Hyderabad is the home to the world’s largest 3-D IMAX. The screen here has a height of 72 feet, width of 95 feet. The theater has a capacity to accommodate 635 people and the sound system is 12000 watt.
  8. One of the Chief Ministers of Hyderabad, N.T. RamaRao had a dream to build a statue of Lord Buddha over the Sagar Lake. He turned his dream into a reality by erecting that statue on an island over this lake. 200 artisans were incorporated to make this statue out of a white granite rock.
  9. Ramoji Film City, built in 1996 is the world’s largest integrated film city. It covers an area of 1666 acres and is a major tourist attractions. Cocktail, The Dirty Picture, Wanted, etc. were shot here.

If your sweetheart is based in this charming city, send flowers to Hyderabad to make him/her feel loved.

Lingerie for plus size- Why should slender body ladies always have fun?

What often dishearten women to feel and look good about their attire are their size because they believe that sexy and beautiful clothes are meant for females with slender and sexy body. This actually is wrong. Plus size women today can fulfil their dreams of feeling and looking good with the help of plus size lingerie that is available both online as well as on retail stores. No matter one’s size, personality and taste, there are endless varieties of styles and designs of lingerie which will suit big size women. Thus being plus size and voluptuous is no longer a hindrance to appear good. Today there is no dearth with respect to the different styles and designs of plus size lingerie to choose from.

images (19)

Those days have gone by when women had to feel really conscious when it comes to how they will look slipping these intimate pieces as designers have come up with a way for making it fit their full figures. Now plus size females can wear any style of lingerie that they wish for such as,

  • Panties- Plus size women will no longer have to remain constrained to granny panties only but now they can enjoy thongs, boy shorts and bikinis too. Who says heavy women cannot feel sexy in good underwear?

  • Brassieres- Plus females have full busts and due to this, these women require good underwires for supporting their breasts as thus will aid them fit nicely into their apparels via minimizing their chests appearance. Today the market is flooded with variegated types of brassieres that will suit any body type

  • Camisoles- The beauty about camisoles is that these are not fully figure hugging but are loose lingerie pieces that can be utilized as sleepwear, undergarments and even tops that go with skirts and jeans. Camisoles generally come in sets along with shorts or panties and have sizes also for females with full figures

  • Corsets- The styles of corsets available today are not limited like it was in the past. Today these are manufactured of attractive and light materials. And the best part is these are accessible for plus size women too and these come with garter belts and matching stockings which make large size females truly seductive

  • Nighties- Few nightgowns are regarded as intimate wear owing to the fact that these are actually not worn outside the home and these have very fine materials like satin and silk thereby making plus size women feel as a queen

Lingerie is meant for accentuating femininity. Plus size women gear up in enhancing the sensuality courtesy by trying elegant and stylish plus size lingerie today. These are made available in different colours, materials and embellishments. The choice of materials range from lace, silk, rayon, satin, chiffon, eyelet, cotton batiste to velour. The modern lingerie designed for the full-figured females will help in accentuating and highlighting their curves as well as the body parts which arouse romance and passion. Wearing these bathroom wear will help a woman feel confident and beautiful and above all sensuous.